The Playhouse promotes life long learning with a special scholarship fund.

Alan Furlan Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Alan Furlan Scholarship of Sunset Playhouse, established in 1982 to provide financial assistance to Sunset volunteers pursuing education in the performing arts, is accepting applications. Because the playhouse relies on the talents of its volunteers and is only successful because of the many selfless hours given in all areas of production, the scholarship is just one way the organization recognizes and rewards that dedication.

Named for Alan Furlan, Sunset’s long-time Artistic and Managing Director, grants are supported through a variety of means including cookie sales at all performances, and gifts and donations from our audiences, members, corporate sponsors, and the community. The Scholarship Fund is administered by the Scholarship Committee and the Director of the Sunset Playhouse School for the Arts and is awarded based on the following criteria:

1. Background, including academic and non-academic training and experience

2. Recommendations and degree of participation in Sunset productions

3. Immediate and long-range plans in any area of the performing arts: artistic, technical, or administrative

The amount of the awards will vary based on available funds and applicant circumstances. Money is paid directly to the institution or coach, and applies only to tuition. Generally, the award is for one year but recipients may reapply for additional scholarships in succeeding years. Age is not a factor in determining awards.

Applications are due no later than May 31, 2019.

Applicants will be notified no later than June 21, 2019. Awards will be presented on July 19, 2019 before opening night of our summer musical HAIRSPRAY.

To apply for funding, please download the Furlan Scholarship Application 2019 and send your application to Alan Furlan Memorial Scholarship Fund, c/o Sunset Playhouse, 700 Wall Street, Elm Grove, WI 53122. For questions regarding this scholarship please contact Education Director Erika Navin at or by calling (262) 782-4431, x290.

Furlan Scholarship Application 2019



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