Furlan Auditorium Production


A nimble-witted producer, living on credit with several actors in a Broadway hotel, is desperately in need of a good script. He finds one, and, by great good luck, he also finds an angel with $15,000. Over the course of a hectic few days, the producer plays hide-and-seek with the angel who wants to withdraw his financial support, manages to outwit creditors, and at the very last moments, despite ludicrous and unexpected obstacles, manages to mount his play.

"This play, produced by George Abbott, is one of the great comedy successes of all times."


Sasha Smirnoff – Paul Weir

Gordon Miller – Glenn Villa

Joseph Gribble – Scott Korman

Harry Binion – Raffaello Frattura

Faker Englund – Manny Lupian

Christine Marlowe – Stephanie Pluta

Leo Davis – Lee Johnston II

Hilda Manney – Paige Bourne

Gregory Wagner – Hal Erickson

Simon Jenkins – John Roberts

Timothy Hogarth – Tom Raidy

Dr. Glass – Scott Jaeger

Bank Messenger/Senator Blake – Cory Klein



Director – Michael Pocaro

Stage Manager – Merry Jaeger

Scenic Designer/Builder – Nick Korneski

Lighting Designer – Katrina Smith

Sound Designer – Jan Priztl

Costume Designer – Kate Dombrowski

Props Mistress – Susan Zuern



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