Costume/Prop Rental

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Rental Information

This page is for the rental of costumes, props, set pieces, and theatrical equipment.
If you would like to rent a venue at Sunset Playhouse please contact
Nancy Armstrong at 262-782-4431 ext 234.


A wide variety of production items are available to the public for both personal and professional use. You may come browse our stock rooms Monday-Friday from 12pm-5pm. Unfortunately, we cannot look for items for you. You may reserve items provided you fully intend on renting them and have scheduled a pick-up date.

Rental items can only be picked up/dropped off on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 12-5pm.Other times are by appointment only. Unless an invoice is provided, payment for the rental is expected at time of pickup. (Cash or Check) All costumes must be dry cleaned upon return with proof by receipt. Items cannot be altered without prior approval. Items lost or damaged must be replaced or compensated for.

There is no time limit on how long you have the rentals. However, we do ask that a drop-off time is arranged at the time of pick-up. There will be a $2 late fee assigned for every week the items have not been returned as scheduled. Costumes which do not fit can be returned before the production start date for a refund, and no dry cleaning is required for those items.



Standard Prices:

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Sofas/Dining Tables$20 each
Upholstered Chairs$15 each
Unupholstered Chairs$5 each
End Tables/Shelf Units$5 each
Pictures/Mirrors$3 each
Dressers$10 each
Benches$10 each
Bed Headboards$10 each
Small Props$1-5 each
Plants$1 each

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Furs/Tuxes/Full Uniforms$15 each
Gowns/Wedding Dresses$15 each
Dress/Suits$10 each
Pants/Skirts/Shoes$5 each
Petticoats$5 each
Blouses/Hats/Vests$2 each
Shirts$2 each
Gloves/Ties$1 each


We Do Not Rent Weapons or Vintage Items

Rental Sales Tax:

We MUST either charge sales tax to a renter or have a physical copy of their completed Wisconsin tax exempt form on file. We will keep your exempt form on file for future rentals. If the renter does not provide the document, even if they are tax exempt, we MUST charge sales tax.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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