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Furlan Auditorium Production


Adult – $25
Senior (60+), Student, and Military Personnel – $23
Child (12 and under) – $12.50
Groups of 15 or more – $18
Value Nights (December 1 and 7) – $12.50

Evenings at 7:30 PM, Saturday Matinees at 3 PM, Sunday Matinees at 2 PM

Online sales close 1 hour prior to performance. Tickets may be purchased at Box Office window until showtime.

In this hilarious classic, a couple struggling to mount the annual church pageant is faced with casting the Herdman kids-and nothing says Christmas like a family of raucous, misbehaving bullies. You won’t believe the mayhem – and the fun – when the Herdmans collide head on with the Christmas story! This delightful and poignant comedy, adapted from the best-selling book, has become a holiday staple for groups across the country. Our production will feature many of your favorite Christmas carols and a whole lot of laughs!

“One of the best Christmas stories ever – and certainly one of the funniest.” – The Seattle Times 

December 1 – 23, 2016


Red Cast

December 1st, 3rd*, 9th, 14th, 15th, 17th**, 23rd @ 7:30
December 4th, 18th @ 2:00
December 10th @ 3:00
*Kennedy Grace Ellis will perform as Shirley
**Eleanor Hannan will perform as Firefighter Sue

Beth = Harper Navin
Charlie = Nolan Zellermeyer
Ralph = Danny Muntz
Imogene = Liz Batory
Leroy = John Batory
Claude = Aidan Pearson
Ollie = Tyler Earnest
Gladys = Anna Barry
Alice = Hope Stiverson
Maxine = René Harris
Elmer = Mason Schneider
Hollie = Ellanor Vieira
David = Michael Deselnicu
Beverly = Olivia Luedtke
Firefighter Lisa = Emily Berger
Firefighter Sue = Lauren Roskopf
Shirley = Adriana Spalsbury
Juanita = Susanna Hundt
Doris = Alana Shields


 Green Cast

December 2nd, 7th, 8th, 10th, 16th, 21st, 22nd @ 7:30
December 11th @ 2:00
December 3rd*, 17th @ 3:00
*René Harris will perform as Maxine and Adriana Spalsbury will perform as Shirley

Beth = Aubrey Shaw
Charlie = Casey Westphal
Ralph = Will Spitz
Imogene = Evelyn Barta
Leroy = Ian Yencha
Claude = Graham Bailey
Ollie = Michael Foster
Gladys = Zaela Schlissel
Alice = Mia Yencha
Maxine = Leila A. Sabree
Elmer = Gabriel Wichman
Hollie = Margaret Baisley
David = Evan Georg
Beverly = Lauren Steighner
Firefighter Lisa = Mia Helbig
Firefighter Sue = Eleanor Hannan
Shirley = Kennedy Grace Ellis
Juanita = Nora Carrig
Doris = Caryn Ahlquist


Cast List (Red/Green)

Beth Bradley – Harper Navin* / Aubrey Shaw
Charlie Bradley – Nolan Zellermeyer / Casey Westphal
Ralph Herdman – Danny Muntz* / Will Spitz*
Imogene Herdman – Liz Batory / Evelyn Barta*
Leroy Herdman – John Batory / Ian Yencha*
Claude Herdman – Aidan Pearson / Graham Bailey
Ollie Herdman – Tyler Earnest* / Michael Foster*
Gladys Herdman – Anna Barry / Zaela Schlissel
Alice Wendleken – Hope Stiverson / Mia Yencha*
Maxine – René Harris* / Leila A. Sabree
Elmer Hopkins – Mason Schneider / Gabriel Wichman
Hollie – Ellanor Vieira* / Margaret Baisley
David – Michael Deselnicu* / Evan Georg*
Beverly – Olivia Luedtke* / Lauren Steighner
Firefighter Lisa – Emily Berger* / Mia Helbig
Firefighter Sue – Lauren Roskopf* / Eleanor Hannan*
Shirley – Adriana Spalsbury / Kennedy Grace Ellis
Juanita – Susanna Hundt / Nora Carrig*
Doris – Alana Shields / Caryn Ahlquist*
Father (Bob Bradley) – Matthew Collie
Mother (Grace Bradley) – Sarah Briana Monahan
Mrs. Armstrong – Peggy Neary-Frattura
Mrs. Slocum – Julia Westphal
Mrs. Clark – Leah A. Sawnor
Mrs. Clausing – Sandra Hollander
Mrs. McCarthy – Beverly Sargent
Reverend Hopkins – Cory Klein
The Fourgone Delusions – John Biltz, Steve Christenson, Gene Keller, Robert A. Zimmerman

*denotes student of Sunset Playhouse School for the Arts


Production Team

Director – Michael Pocaro
Scenic Designer/Builder – Nick Korneski
Stage Managers – Timothy Gensler, Danielle Lemmermann, Erika Navin
Costume Designer – Joanne Cunningham
Lighting Designer – Marty Wallner
Sound Designer – Jan Pritzl
Props Mistress – Susan Zuern


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