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Furlan Auditorium Production


Adults – $13

From the master of the French farce comes the story of Victor DeBoshe, a middle-aged insurance executive who has become impotent. His wife Yvonne assumes he may be having an affair and decides to test his fidelity. Her best friend Lucille writes an anonymous love letter to her husband, suggesting they meet at a disreputable hotel. Victor, thinking the letter is a mistake, gives it to a womanizing friend who unfortunately shows it to Lucille’s husband, a very jealous Spaniard. An evening of unparalleled fun!

(In Order Of Appearance)

Claude DeBoshe – John Walski

Nanette – Erika Navin

Perrier – Ken Williams

Panache – Henry Burko

Lucille Homenides De Histangua – Laura Lynn MacDonald

Yvonne DeBoshe – Tracey Hassinger

Victor DeBoshe – Brian Zelinski

Maurice Blasé – Paul Pfannenstiel

Carolos Homenides De Histangua – Doug Jarecki

Babette – Jacqueline Kirsten Gosz

Martinet – Ken Smith

Olympia – Vicki Spaulding

Benedictine – Ed Carroll

Maher Ravvi – Adam Pflueger

Goshe – Felix Kuzynski


* * *


Director – John Cramer

Set & Lighting Designer – John Starmer

Technical Director – John Starmer

Costume Designers – Betty Nordengren & Pat Boeck

Props Designer – Krystyna Rytel

Sound Designer – Jan Pritzl

Stage Managers – Ellen Langler & Lori Lambert


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