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Sunset Playhouse loves our volunteers.  We rely on them to help create the high-quality productions that Sunset is known for.  From working in the Scene Shop to Front of House ushering to helping children make crafts at our bug in a rug Children’s Theater shows, we have volunteer opportunities for anyone interested in giving time to the arts.  And we have exciting news for all of our volunteers… 

Before you volunteer, please click HERE to read our safety guidelines.  

If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering at Sunset, reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator, Brooke Olson, at (262) 782- 4431 x233 or  We are always excited to welcome new volunteers to our Sunset family.

Are you interested in being in one of The Playhouse’s incredibly fun and engaging productions? Come out and audition sometime throughout the year and you could end up in front of an audience before you know it. Click here for a list of our upcoming theater audition dates.

Greet patrons, take tickets, check coats, distribute programs, sell refreshments, and perform other duties as directed by our House Managers. You’ll also get to see our fabulous shows for FREE!

Do you have some skills in the administrative world? Can you enter data? Do you file? Would you like to help around the office? We will put you to work, and we promise loads of laughs (we laugh at The Playhouse office A LOT).

Are you a leader? Are you task-oriented? Are you organized? Do you like to help keep other people organized? The stage manager does just that. This volunteer attends auditions, production meetings and rehearsals to assist the director in taking blocking notes, lines notes, etc. Additionally, this volunteer oversees all performance related activities on the night of each performance. These activities include calling the cues for the lights, props, sound, actors and curtain to name a few. Being able to deal with people and anything that can go wrong during a performance is a requirement for this volunteer. This volunteer also requires good people skills and the ability to troubleshoot. This volunteer area can be a single volunteer or multiple volunteers sharing the responsibilities for a production.

The scene shop has day and evening hours. Volunteers assist the Technical Director in the construction and painting of upcoming sets. You don’t have to be a master carpenter or Michelangelo because you will be shown how and what to do. If you’re into HGTV and need an outlet for your handyman or woman ambitions, this could be the volunteer opportunity for you.

Do you like rummaging through antique stores? Are you fascinated with unique items? Are you crafty? Consider volunteering as a Prop Designer! This person reads the script and works with the director/actors to find all the items the actors use on stage. Sunset Playhouse has a fantastic prop room full of supplies. Occasionally, props may need to be created, borrowed and, in some instances, purchased. The Props Designer can head up the scavenger hunt on their own or team up with a friend or Sunset volunteer.

Do you have the desire to light up someone’s life? Here’s your chance. Volunteer to run our state of the art light board, as well as occasionally run the follow spot. If you like pushing buttons and aren’t afraid of computers, this is the job for you!

While the actors are on stage, there is a group of people behind the set helping them every step of the way. These people keep the actors’ props organized, help move set pieces and assist the actors with costume changes. These are a beloved group of people that you can become a part of immediately. This team is a key part of every performance, and you get the inside scope on all the great backstage antics that make live theatre such SERIOUS FUN.

Costume shop volunteers assist in several different areas. Every show needs one costume designer, someone with an eye for fashion and the ability to create the look of each character in the show. We also need volunteers to help the costume coordinator in procuring and/or building the costumes needed for the production; this will include hemming, alterations, sewing on buttons, adding trim, sewing zippers, etc. Other volunteers are need to help during each performance. These volunteers save the day when costumes malfunction or need quick alterations. Still more volunteers are needed during the week following performances to launder costumes before the next performances. So, if you’re the type of person who knows how to put together the perfect outfit, or hem a pair of pants, you are gold to The Playhouse (and will be loved and adored by throngs of actors and actresses).