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Corporate Donations

rbc-logo At The Playhouse we believe that Corporate Sponsorship enhances the full Playhouse experience for everyone. Here are three major areas where your business or civic organization can partner with The Playhouse.

Production Sponsorship
We offer opportunities for your institution to help underwrite costs associated with producing the events at The Playhouse.

In-Kind Support

Do you believe your business can become involved with The Playhouse through the donation of in-kind support? We have a long history of using donated good for a positive impact to our bottom line. Your products and resources are often more valuable to us than a direct cash contribution. For a list of possible In-Kind Support opportunities, please download The Playhouse In-Kind Support Document now.

The Playhouse exists because of the active participation of an ever growing group of community partners.

If you are interested in supporting Sunset Playhouse, please contact Nancy Visintainer-Armstrong at