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Sunset Playhouse Covid-19 Guidelines

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Important Information

Global Plasma Solutions – Sunset Playhouse

Thanks to a very generous donor, Sunset has installed a new Global Plasma Solution’s Bi-polar Ionization System throughout the building to make it even safer to work, volunteer, perform, or attend shows at the Playhouse. This system kills pathogens, reduces airborne particles, neutralizes odors, and saves energy. To date, we are one of the few theaters in the state to install this powerful system.

Click HERE to read more about GPS at Sunset.

Sunset COVID-19 Guidelines

Sunset Playhouse, has created extensive Guidelines for the safety of our patrons, performers, volunteers, students, and staff.  These guidelines are subject to change based on recommendations from the CDC and state mandates.  

Thank you for reviewing the information below. We believe that, upon reflection, you will make a personal decision as to whether the time is right for you to return to the Playhouse. Please know that we respect whatever decision you make, just as we know you will respect our decision to move forward with care.

Sunset understands that the decision to have a COVID vaccine is a personal one. For the safety of Sunset patrons, volunteers, casts, crews, production teams, students, and staff, we encourage you to seriously consider being fully vaccinated before you attend a Sunset performance.

General Guidelines/Information for
Patrons, Volunteers, Performers & Staff

  • Patrons, volunteers, performers, production teams, and staff who are FULLY VACCINATED are NOT REQUIRED to wear a mask, however, if you feel more comfortable, please feel free to wear one when visiting Sunset.
  • Patrons, volunteers, performers, production teams, and staff who are NOT FULLY VACCINATED are REQUIRED to wear a mask when visiting Sunset.
  • Our 2021-22 Season will offer full-capacity seating.
  • Tickets will be available for purchase in-person at the box office, by phone (262-782-4430), or online based on our Single Ticket Release Schedule.
  • Patron Volunteers, Performers, and Staff are asked to stay home if not feeling well. 
  • There will be hand sanitizing stations in the lobby please use before entering the theater. Frequent use of hand sanitizer as well as frequent hand-washing recommended for all.

  Audition/Rehearsal/Performance Guidelines

  • Auditions for plays will be by appointment only in groups no larger than 10 – sign up at
  • No guests allowed at rehearsals, backstage, or in dressing rooms.
  • No kissing on stage.
  • No actor entrances or exits through the house for Furlan productions.
  • No shared food at rehearsal or in dressing rooms.
  •  Light board and sound volunteers will sanitize their areas at start and finish of performances. 
  • Mics will be sanitized before and after each use by sound designer. No sharing of mics.
  • Costume designer and director will work to limit number of costumes changes during a performance.
  • Makeup, hair products, combs, wigs, etc. will not be shared by performers.
  • When possible, performers will arrive at theater with make up done. 
  • Sunset sponsored opening night cast party and cast dinners eliminated until further notice.
  • Cast/crew/staff asked to limit interactions with patrons after performances. 
  • Additional guidelines may be added—or some removed—as the situation evolves.

 School Guidelines

All in-person classes will have a maximum enrollment of ten students.

    • Students and staff will be required to wear proper face masks at all times.
    • Students will only have exposure to their assigned class and instructor(s).
    • Parents or other caregivers will not be allowed in the building.
    • Classes will be held in our large rehearsal hall and Studio Theater.
    • Classroom spaces will be cleaned and disinfected in between sessions and nightly.
    • Hand sanitizer will be provided in each classroom and all public spaces.
    • Frequent hand washing will be implemented.
    • Students will be provided individual supplies for each class. Student groups will not be intermingled.
    • Weather permitting, we may conduct classes outdoors. 
    • Final presentations will be shared on the final day of camp during the last minutes of the scheduled camp time (exact time to be determined based on the showcase length).  Each student will have the ability to invite a pre-determined number of people to the showcase (approximately 2 – 4 people).  This number will be determined based on current regulations at the time of the showcase.
    • If a student starts to feel ill during class, they will immediately be separated from group and parents called for pick-up.
    • In the event that we do not feel it is safe to carry out in-person classes, we reserve the right to cancel or move them to a virtual platform.
    • Additional guidelines may be added, or some removed, as the situation evolves.

Entertainment returns to Sunset!

We believe that the arts are more important than ever and we are excited to once again offering entertainment options for our patrons, performance opportunities for our actors, volunteer activities for those ready to be busy again, and meaningful employment for our staff.


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