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Global Plasma Solutions at Sunset Playhouse

Global Plasma Solutions – Sunset Playhouse

Thanks to a very generous donor, Sunset has installed a new Global Plasma Solution’s Bipolar Ionization System throughout the building to make it even safer to work, volunteer, perform, or attend shows at the Playhouse.  This system kills pathogens, reduces airborne particles, neutralizes odors, and saves energy. To date, we are one of the few theaters in the state to install this powerful system.

BPI works by introducing a high concentration of positive and negative ions into the airstream.  As airflow is distributed throughout a space, these ions surround pathogens including viruses, mold spores, and bacteria and deactivate them by removing the hydrogen they need to survive.  Airborne particulates like dust, pollen, and other allergens are reduced when positively- and negatively-charged ions cause them to clump together, allowing for improved filtration capture.  BPI technology also provides odor neutralization and can help save energy by reducing outdoor air intake needs.  

This system is completely safe and neutral for humans and does not produce ozone.  We’re excited to welcome everyone back to a safer and cleaner building!

What does Global Plasma Solutions Bi-polar Ionization System Kill?

Global Plasma Solutions’ bipolar ionization generator creates cold plasma discharge that consists of positive ions (H+) and negative ions (O2 –) from water vapor in the air. These ions have the property of clustering around microparticles and gases, and thus, they surround harmful substances such as airborne mold, virus, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, and allergens. At that point, a chemical reaction occurs on the cell membrane surface and they are transformed into OH radicals, a powerfully active but unstable material, which robs the harmful substance of a hydrogen atom (H). As a result, they are inactivated by severing the protein on the cell membrane, opening holes. The OH radicals instantly bond with the removed hydrogen (H), forming water vapor (H2O), and return to the air.

The GPS generator creates bi-polar ionization which replicates the same positive and negative ions found abundantly nature, for example, in woods and forests. GPS’ plasma process will artificially create the ions found in these desirable locations and supply them into the building, enhancing the indoor air quality. The ions turn into OH radicals only on the surface of harmful substances to inactivate them, so they are completely harmless to the human body and pets.

GPS plasma will effectively eliminate bacteria, virus, mold and volatile organic compounds by working directly on the air contained in the entire zone and duct.

How does Plasma Inactivate Airborne Fungi?

The positive (H+) and negative (O2 -) ions cluster together on the surface of airborne fungi, causing a chemical reaction that results in the creation of highly reactive OH groups called hydroxyl radicals (•OH). The hydroxyl radical will take a hydrogen molecule from the cell wall of an airborne fungi particle. This process inhibits mold infestation as they occur.

How does Plasma Inactivate Airborne Virus?

The positive (H+) and negative (O2 -) ions surround the hemagglutinin (surface proteins that form on organisms and trigger infections) and change into highly reactive OH groups called hydroxyl radicals (•OH). These groups take a hydrogen molecule from the hemagglutinin and change it into water (H2O). The ions destroy the virus surface structure on a molecular level. As a result, the virus cannot infect even if it enters the body.

How does Plasma Deactivate Airborne Allergens?

The positive (H+) and negative (O2 -) ions surround the airborne allergen and change into highly reactive hydroxyl radicals (•OH). The hydroxyls then deactivate the molecules of the IgE antibody binding site of the allergen. No allergic symptoms occur even if allergens enter the body.

What are other benefits of  Global Plasma Solution’s Bi-polar Ionization System?

GPS’ plasma is a technology with many benefits. Plasma can kill many airborne pathogens, not just at the source of the plasma, but also in the zone where the heated or cooled air is being supplied. 

 How Does Control of Gases and Odors with Plasma Help Sunset Even More?

While plasma is very effective at pathogen killing, it is also effective at controlling gases, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). Just as the plasma surrounds pathogens and deactivates them, the plasma also surrounds gas and odor molecules. As the gas and odor molecules are attacked by the plasma, the molecular bond of these molecules are broken down, just as glue is broken down by contact with paint thinner, and the gas reverts back to its natural state.

Sunset Playhouse is very fortunate to be among the first Theaters in WI to install the Global Plasma Solutions System within our building helping to ensure the safety of all who walk through our doors.  Thanks again to our wonderful donor.

For more information on this system, visit Global Plasma Solutions

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