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Furlan Auditorium Production


The scene is the Kit Kat Klub, a night club in Berlin, as the 1920’s are drawing to a close. The Master of Ceremonies welcomes the audience to the show and assures them that, whatever their troubles, they will forget them at the Cabaret. The entire orchestra is onstage, and the actors play along with it when they are not part of the dialogue. Cliff, a young American writer, meets Ernst, a German who surprises Cliff by putting his briefcase among Cliff’s luggage at the German border. Musical numbers include Willkommen, Cabaret, Mein Herr, Maybe This Time, The Money Song and Two Ladies. When we revisit the Klub at the end, much is changed, and show ends with a stark foreshadowing of things to come: The Emcee strips off his overcoat to reveal a concentration camp prisoner’s uniform marked with a yellow Star of David and a pink triangle, and the backdrop raises to reveal an electric fence.

Principal Characters (In Order of Appearance)

Emcee – Eric Nelson

Clifford Bradshaw – Jeremy C. Welter

Ernst Ludwig – Jason Powell

Fraulein Schneider – Gladys Chimel

Fraulein Kost – Angela Johnstad

Herr Schultz – Dick Katschke

Sally Bowles – Linda Stieber


Supporting Actors/Ensemble (Listed Alphabetically)

Kit Kat Girl – Janine Anderson

Kit Kat Girl – Ruth Arnell

Victor/Accordian – Tyler Beattie

Customs Officer – Rey Dobeck

Kit Kat Girl – Emily Margaret Heitzer

Sailor – Mark Hooker

Rudy – Danny J. Lewis

Max – Ken Roberts III

Taxi Man – Shawn Roberts

Sailor – Michael Toots Ruggles

Bobby – Joshua D. Schumaker

Kit Kat Girl – Heather Stoskopf

Kit Kat Girl/Gorilla – Amie Strader

Kit Kat Girl – Jessica Taige

Kit Kat Girl – Cindy Zauner


* * *


Director – Mark Salentine

Set Designer – J. Michael Desper

Music Director – Donna Kummer

Choreographer – Reginald T. Kurschner

Lighting Designer – John Dolphin

Prop Coordinator – Pat Westen

Costume Designer – Ellen Kozak

Hair Stylist – Anthony Mackie

Sound Engineer – Jan Pritzl

Assistant Director – Sarah Koehler

Stage Managers – Amy Macali & Jan Szczepanski


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