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Furlan Auditorium Production


Adults – $13

Parker Ballantine is a renowned New York drama critic whose second wife has decided to write a play. It is a stinker. However, a producer and enemy of the critic decides to produce the play to get even. Enter his first wife, actress Ivy London, whom he panned and lost, his precocious young son and a lewd, obnoxious director who is putting the moves on his wife and the mix is alarmingly funny. Parker must choose between reviewing his wife’s play honestly and losing her or going against his journalistic integrity and lie to save his marriage. Bob Hope and Lucille Ball starred in the 1962 film version.

(In order of appearance)

Parker Ballantine – Jim Gallagher

Angela Ballantine – Laura Lynn MacDonald

John Ballantine – Andrew Heidke

Dion Kapakos – Mark Schneider

Essie – Diane Rector & Jan Sczcepanski

Charlotte Orr – Carol Dolphin

Ivy London – Peggy Peterson Ryan


* * *


Director – Michael Duncan

Set Designer – John Starmer

Light Designer – Max Liptack

Costume Designers – Betty Nordengren & Pat Boeck

Prop Design – Krystyna Rytel

Sound Design – Jan Pritzl

Stage Managers – Diane Rector & Jan Sczcepanski


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