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Furlan Auditorium Production


When the Soady clan reunites for the opening day of deer season at the family’s Upper Peninsula camp, thirty-five-year-old Reuben Soady brings with him the infamous reputation of being the oldest Soady in the history of the Soadys never to bag a buck. In a hunting story to beat all hunting stories, ESCANABA IN DA MOONLIGHT spins a hilarious tale of humor, horror and heart as Reuben goes to any and all lengths to remove himself from the wrong end of the family record book.

(In Order of Appearance)

Albert Soady – Robert A. Zimmerman

Reuben Soady – Jim Bloomingdale

Remnar Soady – Andy Lien

Jimmer Negamanee – Matthew J. Patten

Ranger Tom T. Treado – Glenn Villa

Wolf Moon Dance Soady – Jacquelyn Ranallo


* * *


Director – Mark Salentine

Set Designer/Technical Director – J. Michael Desper

Costume Designer – Sue Fromm

Lighting Designer – Marty Wallner

Properties Mistress – Inge Adams

Stage Managers – Amy Macali & Jan Szczepanski

Sound Designers – Jan Pritzl & Mark Salentine


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