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Furlan Auditorium Production


The hilarious prequel to Escanaba in da Moonlight is set in the Soady deer camp during World War II and outfitted with a whole new cast of Wacky Yoopers. Eighteen-year-old Albert Soady, Jr. is celebrating his final hunting season before he becomes a sharpshooter for the U.S. Army when he falls head-over-heels for the legendary Big Betty Balou. The question is, does she have what it takes to become part of Escanaba’s “royal” family?

(In Order of Appearance)

Alphonse Soady – Robert A. Zimmerman

Albert Soady, Senior – Andy Lien

“Salty” Jim Negamanee – Matthew J. Patten

Albert Soady, Junior – Zach Zembrowski

Big Betty Balou – Katie Gardner


* * *


Director – Mark Salentine

Set Designer/Technical Director – J. Michael Desper

Lighting Designer – Marty Wallner

Stage Managers – Teri Eisenhauer & Jan Szczepanski

Costume Designer – Sue Fromm

Sound Designers – Jan Pritzl & Mark Salentine

Properties Coordinators – Merry Jaeger & Scott Jaeger


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