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Furlan Auditorium Production


  • July 17, 2009 - August 9, 2009

FAME the musical provides an open look at the New York City’s High School of Performing Arts, where sweat and hard work are the key factors to a successful life as a performer. The plot follows a group of students across the acting, dancing and music faculties from 1980-1984 as they learn to master their craft and grow up alongside each other, rising to the various challenges that face them.

(In Order of Appearance)

Tyrone Jackson – Derrick Carroll, Jr

Iris Kelly – Marissa Clayton

Carmen Diaz – Anna Justine Creed

Lee Kwang Suk – Nick Dolan

Ensemble – Deidra Fabian

Ensemble – Tami Folker

Ensemble – Katie Katschke

Mabel Washington – Ashley Levells

Nick Piazza – Cameron Meilicke

Serena Katz – Jeanette Minson

Grace “Lambchops” Lamb – Samantha Moyer

Ms. Bell – Megan Navarette

Ensemble – Michael Pfeiffer

Ensemble – Joel Rathmann

Miss Sherman – Mary M. Rodgers

Joe (José) Vegas – Joseph Snyder

Ensemble – John Van Gilder

Mr. Myers – Thomas Van Gilder

Goodman “Goody” King – Connor Verhoeven

Ensemble – Caileigh Zimmerman

Mr. Sheinkopf – Robert A. Zimmerman


* * *


Stage Director – Mark Salentine

Music Director – Donna Kummer

Assistant Musical Director – Jay Kummer

Choreographer – Melissa I. Bloch-Meier

Set Designer – J. Michael Desper

Lighting Designer – John R. Dolphin

Costume Designers – Ellen Kozak & Kathy Smith

Hair Stylist – Kathy Smith

Properties Team – Karen Condie, Annette Williams, & Samantha Williams

Sound Engineer – Jan Pritzl

Stage Managers – Lukas Condie & Mariah Schmidt


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