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Furlan Auditorium Production


Mama Rose is determined that her younger daughter June will have a successful career, but after June elopes, Mama turns all her attention on her older, less talented daughter, Loise, who eventually becomes a burlesque stripper named Gypsy Rose Lee.

Rose — Tamara Martinsek
Herbie — Mark Frohna
June — Molly Hess
Louise — Fiona Dolan
Tulsa — Rayven Burdette
L.A. — Cobi Tappa
Angie — Danny Slattery
Baby June — Ella Rose Kleefisch
Baby Louise — Gaby Musickant
Balloon Girl/News Kid — Violet Kleefisch
Uncle Jocko/Mr. Weber/Yonkers — Brandon C. Haut
Georgie/Mr. Goldstone — Scott Pasbrig
Pop/Pastey/Kringelein — Tom Raidy
Tessie Tura — Amie Lynn Losi
Mazeppa — Mary Rynders
Electra — Rhonda Trickey
Miss Cratchitt/Stripper — Ava Thomann
Agnes/Ensemble — Sidney Rakowiecki
Marjorie May/Ensemble — Calyn Bolton
Dolores/Ensemble — Natalie Hartwig
Toreadorables/Ensemble/Stripper — Selena Deer
Toreadorables/Ensemble — Bella Petropoulos
Toreadorables/Ensemble — Amber Soik
Mother/Ensemble — Lauren Gantenbein
Mother/Ensemble — Carolann Grzybowski
Mother/Ensemble — Alexandra Hollander
Mother/Ensemble — Jessica Pawlak
Mother/Ensemble — Aubrey Trecek

Children’s Cast (Red):

Laci Grace Crow
Hannah Fedor
Thatcher Jacobs
Aiden Miller
Lauren Roskopf
Aubrey Shaw

Children’s Cast (Blue):

Evelyn Barta
Casey Dobson
Mia Hartounian
Ellie Kumer
Bryanna Madson
Regan Nugent
Leila Sabree
Jolie Steeger


Music Director & 1st Piano — Patrick Thompson
2nd Piano — Dan VanZeeland
Bass — Joshua Paustian
Trumpet — Charis Scharf
Drumset — Samuel Gutsmiedl
Reeds — Joe Caruso

Production Team:

Director/Choreographer — Adam Steffan
Music Director — Patrick Thompson
Costume Designer — Joanne Cunningham
Lighting Designer — John R. Dolphin
Props Mistresses — Alexi Carlson & Sami Williams
Scenic Designer/Builder — Rebecca Beaudoin
Sound Designer — Casey Matson
Stage Managers — Jennifer Allen & Danielle Lemmermann
Directing Intern — John Brotherhood


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