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Furlan Auditorium Production


All is fair in love? Even murder? That’s the question posed by this light and funny suspense comedy about a love triangle in a Howard Johnson Motor Inn. A three scene love triangle involving a woman, her lover, and her husband. In the first scene the wife and her lover plot to murder the husband. In the second scene the wife and her husband are plotting to murder the lover. The third scene has the husband and the lover plotting to murder the wife – but this attempt, like the others, fails.

Arlene Miller – Elaine Parsons-Herro

Mitchell Lovell – Mark Salentine

Paul Miller – Parker Drew


* * *


Director – Olive DeCast

Originally Directed by – Jane Flieller

Set Designer – J. Michael Desper

Lighting Designer – Kyle Olson

Stage Managers – Margaret Franz & Jeremiah Shaw

Costume Coordinators – Olive DeCast, Pat Boeck, & Betty Nordengren

Wig Master/Hair Stylist – Anthony Mackie

Sound Designers – Jan Pritzl & Jeremiah Shaw

Properties Coordinator – Mary C. DeBattista


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