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Furlan Auditorium Production


Simon Mostyn has recently married Kay Ridgeway, a rich woman, having thrown over his former lover Jacqueline. The couple are on their honeymoon on a paddle steamer on the Nile, accompanied by a bevy of memorable characters. Among those present are Canon Pennefather, Kay’s guardian, and Jacqueline, who has been dogging their footsteps all through the honeymoon. During the voyage Jacqueline works herself into a state of hysteria and shoots at Simon, wounding him in the knee. A few moments later Kay is found shot in her bunk. By the time the boat reaches its destination, Canon Pennefather has laid bare an audacious conspiracy and has made sure the criminals shall not go free.

Beadseller #1 — Michael Schottle
Beadseller #2 — Ralph M. Garcia
Steward — Jim Donaldson
Miss Ffoliot-Ffoulkes — Paula Garcia
Christina Grant — Deanna Strasse
Smith — Matthew J. Patten
Louise — Carrie A. Gray
Dr. Bessner — Doug Smedbron
Kay Mostyn — Ruth Arnell
Simon Mostyn — DJ Slater
Canon Pennefather — Michael Chobanoff
Jacqueline de Severac — Julia Snider
McNaught — Ralph M. Garcia


Production Team

Director — Carol Dolphin
Costume Designer — Sharon Sohner
Costume Coordinator — Joanne Cunningham
Wig Master — Anthony Mackie
Lighting Designer — Jeff Smerz
Props Mistress — Cindy Velcheck
Scenic Designer — Dana Fralick
Scenic Builder — A.J. Simon
Sound Designer — Jan Pritzl
Stage Managers — Debbie Marx & Lindsay Woelbing


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