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Furlan Auditorium Production


Adults – $14

December 31st – $16.50

NUNCRACKERS is presented as the first TV Special taped in the Cable Access Studio built by Reverend Mother in the convent basement. It stars those zany nuns from NUNSENSE plus Father Virgil and some of Mount Saint Helen’s most talented students. Featuring all new songs, this show is filled with typical NUNSENSE humor, some of your favorite carols and a “secret Santa” audience participation. This NUNSENSE Christmas show will make you laugh and maybe tug at your heartstrings. It’s the perfect way to insure your holiday season is merry and bright.

(In order of appearance)

Sister Mary Regina (Reverend Mother) – Ann Marie Fischer

Sister Mary Hubert – Cindy Zauner

Sister Robert Anne – Beth Burrows

Sister Mary Paul (Amnesia) – Robin Peterson

Sister Mary Leo – Erie Roberts

Father Virgil Manly Trott – Kyle Breitzman


* * *


Director – Michael Duncan

Set Designer – John Starmer

Musical Director – Donna Kummer

Choreographer – John Cramer

Light Designer – John R. Dolphin

Costume Designers – Betty Nordengren, Pat Boeck, & Rodger Bochek

Props Designers – Krystyna Rytel & Phyllis Stuart-Jacobson

Sound Designer – Jan Pritzl

Stage Managers – Ellen Langler & Christina Madison


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