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Special Event


Adults – $40.00

Groups of 8 or more – $35.00


Join us for our Murder Mystery Fund Raiser: Revenge at the Reunion – A Murder Mystery Comedy. 

Our annual Sunset Fund Raiser features family style appetizers, a raffle of valuable prizes, and an evening of laughs as you attend the Norman Bates Memorial High School reunion. Will you be the next victim? Last year’s Murder Mystery sold out so get your tickets early, attend the reunion and join the fun.

Revenge at the Reunion – A Murder Mystery Comedy.

Welcome to Norman Bates Memorial High School’s all-school reunion — a chance when your classmates will reminisce, renew old friendships, start new friendships, show off their spouses, see who got bald…and perhaps even plot to murder their old high school rivals.

But then why would anyone want to murder Bates High’s distinguished alumni? Especially when they include a country/western singer, a first runner-up in the Miss America contest, a Middle Eastern dictator, a presidential candidate, America’s top Elvis impersonator, or TV’s household hints lady.

The possible reasons run the gamut…jealousy, blackmail, ambition, wealth, revenge, and passion. Who knows what secret reasons may lurk in the heart of that strange person that sat two rows over in homeroom?

Keep your eyes open and listen for clues. And be on your guard…or you may become a victim.


* Betsey Crocker – Name Tag Chairperson for the Norman Bates Memorial High All-School Reunion. Betsey, former president of the Future Homemakers of America, now hosts her own household hints program on local TV.

* Geraldo Springer – Despised editor of the Bates Blade, Geraldo went on to become a celebrated TV talk show host.

Perky Spandex – Captain of the cheerleading squad and president of the Pep Club, Perky is today a popular aerobics instructor and Geraldo’s soon-to-be ex-wife.

Dr. Cruella Smugbucket – The opinionated and self-righteous advice columnist for the Bates Blade went on to become the hostess of her own TV show…scheduled opposite her ex-husband Geraldo Springer’s program.

Reggie Van Money – The richest boy at Bates High, Reggie is today the president of the city’s largest savings and loan.

Loretta Wynette – The girl with the most notorious reputation at Bates High, Loretta grew up to be a successful Country/Western singer.

Rev. Ricky Lee Wonderful – Organizer of class projects to help orphans, the homeless and the elderly, Ricky Lee is today a TV evangelist and presidential candidate.

Tony DeGangsta – Biggest hood at Bates High, Tony gave up his life of crime after high school and turned state’s evidence. He is now in the Witness Relocation Program.

Sister Bambi – Beautiful but dumb, Bambi gave up her career as a Hollywood starlet to become a nun.

Lance Pillowtalk – Best looking and dumbest boy at Bates High, Lance spends his time entertaining wealthy older women.

Dr. Walter Eczema – Bates High’s biggest nerd is now a successful physician.

Priscilla Protezoa – The smartest girl at Bates High, Priscilla is today the director of the Community Sperm Bank.

Desdemona Bronte – Remembered as the school’s strangest girl who also had a fixation on death, Desdemona is mourning the recent death of her fourth husband.

Bubba Shinkicker – The Class Bully and Star Football Player, Bubba is today a used car salesman.

Mary Kay Revlon – Bates High’s Homecoming Queen and most beautiful girl, Mary Kay was first runner-up in the Miss America Contest.

Clovis Presley – Bates High’s Class Clown and most notorious practical joker, Clovis is following in the footsteps of his famous second cousin (twice removed) and is now America’s foremost Elvis impersonator.

Lady Victoria High-Falutin – The snobbiest girl at Bates High, Lady Victoria married royalty and today lives in England.

Sadam E. Kamal – Bates High’s foreign exchange student and former president of the Future Fascists Club, Sadam is today the ruthless dictator of a Middle Eastern kingdom.

*  Played by cast members from Scene of the Crime Productions, Inc.


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