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Furlan Auditorium Production


The play concerns a group of young girls who have come to New York to study acting and find jobs. The scene is Mrs. Orcutt’s boarding house, where the hopes and ambitions of sixteen young women are revealed in scenes of entertaining comedy. Contrasted with this are the cases of the girl without talent and the elderly actress whose days are over. The central plot has to do with courageous Terry Randall, who fights against discouragement to a position in the theater where we are sure she will conquer. One of her fellow aspirants gives up in despair, one gets married, and one goes into pictures, but Terry, with the help of idealistic David Kingsley, sticks to her guns. Color and contrast are offered by Mattie, the maid; Frank her husband; a few young men callers; a movie magnate; and young Keith Burgess, the playwright who “goes Hollywood.”


Olga Brandt – Jo St. Clair
Mattie – Dawn Baldwin
Big Mary – Meg Borkowski
Little Mary – Deanna Strasse
Bernice Niemeyer – Liz Mistle
Madeline Vauclain – Marcee Doherty-Elst
Judith Canfield – Linn├®a Koeppel
Ann Braddock – KC Rasch
Kaye Hamilton – Alyssa Falvey
Linda Shaw – Tanya Tranberg
Jean Maitland – Sarah Tullberg
Bobby Melrose – Gemma Fitzsimmons
Louise Mitchell – Cathy Miller
Susan Paige – Jamee Lenzen
Pat Devine – Katlin Drew
Kendall Adams – Elizabeth Havican
Terry Randall – Shannon Tyburski
Ellen Fenwick – Melody Lopac
Mrs. Orcutt – Kay Esposito
Sam Hastings – Josh Brooks
Jimmy Devereaux/Billy – Edward Pronley
Fred Powell – Zach Zembrowski
Lou Milhauser/Larry Westcott – Tod Herdt
David Kingsley – Spencer Mather
Keith Burgess – Ryan Johnson
Mrs. Shaw – Donna Daniels
Dr. Randall – Thomas Van Gilder
Adolph Gretzl – Tom Brochhausen

Production Team

Director – Tommy Lueck
Costume Designer – Aria Thorton
Lighting Designer – Alan Piotrowicz
Scenic Builder/Tech Director – John Hemingway
Scenic Designer – Steve Langenecker
Stage Management – Jennifer Allen and Jim Padovano
Directing Intern – John Brotherhood
Costume Coordinator – Joanne Cunningham
Props – Pat Westen and Judy Nelson


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