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Furlan Auditorium Production


Adults – $25.00
Seniors – $23.00
Child – $12.50 (12 and under)

Groups of 15 or more – $18
Value Night (July 12 & 18) – $12.50
$3 per ticket fee for online order / $1 per ticket fee for phone order

Evenings at 7:30 PM, Saturday Matinee (July 28) at 3 PM, Sunday Matinees at 2 PM

Online sales close 1 hour prior to performance. Tickets may be purchased at Box Office window until showtime.

A down-on-his-luck Broadway producer and his mild-mannered accountant come up with a scheme to produce the most notorious flop in history, thereby bilking their backers (all “little old ladies”) out of millions of dollars. Only one thing goes awry: the show is a smash hit!

Enjoy the antics of Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom as they maneuver their irresponsible way through finding a show (the gloriously offensive “Springtime for Hitler”), hiring a director, raising the money and finally going to prison for their misdeeds. At the core of the insanely funny adventure is a poignant emotional journey of two very different men who become friends.

THE PRODUCERS skewers Broadway traditions and takes no prisoners, as it proudly proclaims itself an “equal opportunity offender!”




Suggested for mature audiences

Preview THE PRODUCERS program by clicking here


Max Bialystock – Robert  A. Zimmerman

Leo Bloom – Zach Zembrowski

Ulla – Molly Morrow

Roger DeBris – Eric Safdieh-Nelson

Carmen Ghia – Andrew Kelly

Franz Liebkind – Steven Sizer

Ensemble – Alyssa Benning, Sarah Brown, Audra Cashman, Brody Drews, Simon Earle, Thomas Hess, David Kaye, Krista Laszewski, Henning Mahn, Megan Miller, Kara Olander, Livia Quinn, Landon Quinney, Nikki Ranney, Chelsea Russell, Brad Skonecki, Justin Spanbauer, Santana Vannarath, Sarah Verespej, Lindsay Webster, and Amber Weissert


Production Team

Director – Tommy Lueck

Assistant Director – Nikki Lueck

Choreographer – Reginald T. Kurschner

Music Director – Mark Mrozek

Assistant Music Director – Tim Karth

Stage Manager – Christine White

Assistant Stage Manager – Kyra Swanson

Scenic Designer/Builder – Matthew Carr

Lighting Designer – Katrina Smith

Sound Designer – Heather Pulkowski

Costume Designer – Lisa Quinn

Wig Master – Eric Welch, (K’Eric’ters)

Props Designers – Sami Williams and Livia Quinn

Assistant Prop Designer – Erin Mihor


Orchestra – (BtW Productions, LLC)

Keyboards – Mark Mrozek

Brass/Keyboards – Tim Karth

Woodwinds – Ken Kunz

Bass – Nick Buendia

Percussion/Keyboards – Ken Marchand



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