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Furlan Auditorium Production


Adults – $13

This new comedy is sweeping the country just in time for the Presidential election. Senator Harry Douglas is running for President on a “morality” platform. However, when his wife leaves for a conference in Chicago, he doesn’t hesitate to invite Veronica, his secretary and lover, to rush over. Finding her not available, he has an escort agency send over the voluptuous Fiona. All seems well until two congressional colleagues, a muckraking reporter, his secretary and his wife suddenly arrive at his Washington home. It’s non-stop laughter from beginning to end!

(In Order Of Apperance)

Congressman Jack Maguire – Brian Zelinski

Congressman Clyde Salt – James Henderson

Senator Harry Douglas – Ken Smith

Mrs. Lois Douglas – Ann Liedl

Mary Richmond – Natasha Mortazavi

Max Sanford – Michael Retherford

Betty Morrrison – Alice Liddell

Officer Brady – Chuck Schumacher

Officer Denney – Brad Fellin

Fiona – Tracey Hassinger

Veronica – Tonya Walker

* * *

Director – John Cramer

Set Designers – John Starmer & John Cramer

Technical Director – John Starmer

Lighting Designer – Marty Wallner

Costume Designer – Kathy Smith

Props Designer – Krystyna Rytel

Sound Designer – Jan Pritzl

Stage Managers – Jenny Walkowiak & Ellen Langler


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