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Furlan Auditorium Production


William Worthington III and his wife are both going to be away for the weekend from their two hundred acre Massachusetts estate with its twenty six bedroom mansion, he to Delaware to shoot ducks with the Duponts and she to her mother’s in Boston. Both have, in fact, arranged trysts with their respective lovers in the estate’s beach cottage. Inevitably their paths cross and divorce is in the air. Neither is willing to give up the world famous Worthington necklace, so each devises a plan to steal it. True to the laws of farce, both simulated burglaries are scheduled for same night. Fun filled chaos ensues: mistaken identities, unlikely romantic liaisons, a bumbling private detective, a fake necklace, one very determined nymphomaniac and two scantily clad pseudo nuns sharing a single skirt. “Where did they come from?” Confusion is piled on confusion until the mystery of who has the real necklace and who has the fake is revealed in a surprise ending.

( In Order of Appearance)

Ashley Worthington – Jodi Conger

Edward P. Brookstone (Teddy) – Matt Koester

William Worthington III (Billy) – David Maas

Lorraine Duval (Buffy) – Libby Amato

William Davis – Edward Carroll

Marianne Van Kleeff – Jacqueline K. Gosz

Deborah Duval – Lesley Grider


* * *


Director – Mark Salentine

Set Designer – J. Michael Desper

Lighting Designer – Christy Hammernik

Prop Coordinator – Jan Szczepanski

Costume Coordinators – Pat Boeck & Betty Nordengren

Sound Designers – Jan Pritzl & Sal Markentine

Stage Managers – Amy Macali & Cindy Zauner


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