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Debbie Marx


Debbie Marx in the Sunset Spotlight.  Debbie is currently Stage Managing THE FOREIGNER  which opens March 4th. She has been a Sunset Volunteer for almost 15 years!

1. When did you first become involved at Sunset Playhouse and what areas have you been involved with here at the Playhouse?
My first show at Sunset was RUMORS┬áback in 2001 (I think). ThatÔÇÖs the first moment I fell in love with this Playhouse. I do love acting but recently IÔÇÖve been Stage Managing more. I have to say THAT is a B L A S T!
2. If you are working on a Sunset show right now, what is your role?
IÔÇÖm currently Stage Managing Larry ShueÔÇÖs THE FOREIGNER.┬á┬áWe open March 5th. Next will be Stage Managing for ÔÇ£25TH ANNUAL PUTNAM COUNTY SPELLING BEE.
3. If an actor, what has been your favorite role to date and what is your dream role?
I did enjoy playing Officer Pudney in RUMORS, and maybe IÔÇÖll audition again, but my dream role to play (other than possibly a Director) would be Annie Oakley in ANNIE GET YOUR GUN┬áor some juicy courtroom drama like a gender switched A FEW GOOD MEN (Danielle Kaffee, heh)
4. What do you enjoy most about the Sunset?
The EXCELLENT family feel to it. No matter what show, no matter who you get to work with, thereÔÇÖs always this feeling that youÔÇÖre part of a family. Great relationships are created and it just feels like HOME. IÔÇÖve always said this is my Happy Place.
5. When not at Sunset, how do you spend your time?
I am currently a Brown Belt in Tae Kwon Do with J.K.Lee-Germantown. IÔÇÖm also on the Radio, I am a Traffic Anchor and Reporter at 620 WTMJ. I have 2 crazy dogs, 1 skittish cat and a loving husband keeping everything chugging along at home.
6. What is your favorite color/food/movie/TV show/book/musical or play?
Color: It changes seriously, depending on my mood Earth tones and primary colors.
Food: IÔÇÖm first-generation born here but my parents are Cuban, so pretty much any Cuban food. (by the way, itÔÇÖs not spicy)
Movie: SHAWSHANK REDEMPTIONÔǪ itÔÇÖs just an awesome story, presented excellentlyÔǪ I also like anything quotable, so I guess PRINCESS BRIDE┬á(ÔÇ£Anybody want a PEANUT?ÔÇØ), Anything Disney.
TV Show: ONCE UPON A TIME is the only appointment viewing I have. That and BIG BANG THEORY
Musical/Play: TOO MANY FROM WHICH TO CHOOSE! WICKED for Musical though.
7. What is your favorite quote?
HAH! I kind of answered that before, but if youÔÇÖre talking about a quote by which one could live their life? I guess ÔÇ£There, but for the grace of God, go IÔÇØ Meaning, if it wasnÔÇÖt for the Grace of God, I wouldnÔÇÖt have all the blessings I have (and I do have MANY) and I would truly be lost.
8. Any other comments?
I have often said that if I won the lottery, much of my winnings would go toward getting this playhouse all thatÔÇÖs needed. Unfortunately I have yet to win. But thatÔÇÖs how seriously I take working with this group. It truly is a storied and important organization.
IÔÇÖm glad itÔÇÖs been around for as long as it has been, and it makes it that much more special knowing that itÔÇÖs truly because of the goodness of the community that it has existed as long as it has.


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