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Eric Nelson

Eric Nelson, who is currently playing Frederick Frankenstein (pronounced “Fronk-en-steen”) in the hilarious Mel Brooks’ musical, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, now in the Sunset Spotlight.

  1. When did you first become involved at Sunset Playhouse and what areas have you been involved with here at the Playhouse?

My first show was Cabaret in 2004. I got lost on the way to the audition and almost turned around. My mom talked me through how to get to the theater how (my map quest directions were not cutting it) it all paid off as I was cast as the Emcee.

  1.  If you are working on a Sunset show right now, what is your role?  

I am currently playing Dr. Frederick Frankenstein (pronounced Fronk-en-steen) in Young Frankenstein.

  1.  If an actor, what has been your favorite role to date and what is your dream role? If a Production Team member, which show have you most enjoyed working on?  What show would you like to do in the future?

I’ve been lucky to play so many dream roles, but my favorites so far have been Hedwig (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) and Roger DeBris (The Producers). 

A dream role I would love to perform is Albin/Zaza in La Cage Aux Folles! 

  1.  What do you enjoy most about the Sunset?

Every time I perform here it feels like home. It’s a safe space. A fun place. A place that brings joy. There was 12 years between my first and second Sunset shows and it felt like no time had passed between them. It’s something you can see by the sheer fact that time and time again people return to volunteer here.

  1.  When not at Sunset, how do you spend your time?

Spending time with my Life-Accessory Drew and our two dogs and two cats, enjoying time in our yard, drinking wine, dining out, and going out with friends and family.

  1.  What is your favorite color/food/movie/TV show/book/musical or play?

Favorite color is orange.

Favorite food is a tie between Pizza and Sushi

Favorite movie is a tie between The Wizard of Oz and Playing by Heart

Favorite TV Show is Golden Girls

Favorite Book is A Density of Souls by Christopher Rice

Favorite Musical is Merrily We Roll Along

  1.  What is your favorite quote?

“It doesn’t matter what you look like, you can be tall, short or fat or thin or ugly or handsome like your Father, or you can be black or yellow or white, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the size of your heart and the strength of your character.”

-Herman Munster

  1.  Any other comments?

I hope those of you who are able to attend Young Frankenstein enjoy the show! This is truly one of the most wonderful groups of people I’ve had the pleasure of working with! From my fellow performers to the backstage run crew, our stage manager and production team, and the beautiful band, it’s been a pleasure! Thank you for reading a little about me and supporting Sunset Playhouse! 


Headshot thanks to Abbie Miller and Stories Framed Photography