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Rae Elizabeth Pare


Rae Elizabeth Pare in the Sunset Spotlight! Rae is currently playing the Italian Stewardess Gabriella in our Production of BOEING BOEING which runs June 2 – 19, 2016.

  1. When did you first become involved at Sunset Playhouse and what areas have you been involved with here at the Playhouse?

My first show at Sunset was THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE. I had the pleasure of playing Muzzy Van Hossmere. I have only been an actor so far.

  1. If you are working on a Sunset show right now, what is your role?

I am currently in the production of BOEING BOEING where I pay Gabriella, the Italian air hostess.

  1. If an actor, what has been your favorite role to date and what is your dream role?

My favorite role to date has been Reno Sweeney at Imagination Theatre of Germantown. I am quite excited to reprise the role here at Sunset. My dream role would be Veronica Sawyer in HEATHERS The Musical. I was able to see it when it was off Broadway and I believe I would have a blast.

  1. What do you enjoy most about the Sunset?

I enjoy the family dynamic. Everyone in the show works so close together, we evolve into a tight-knit family after the weeks of rehearsal.

  1. When not at Sunset, how do you spend your time?

I am a part of the Kohl’s Wild Theatre Family at the Milwaukee Zoo. There I entertain children and their parents with four mainstage shows as well as at-exhibit skits throughout the day. I also work at Pier One Imports in Germantown part time. However, I like to spend time with my family and my dog Olive whenever I have time away from both jobs.

  1. What is your favorite color/food/movie/TV show/book/musical or play?

My favorite color is turquoise, movie is Jurassic Park, TV show is Wolf Blood, Book(s) are The Great Tree of Avalon, Musical is Anything Goes. I love all the food-there is no favorite.

  1. What is your favorite quote?

One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eye.