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Scott Kopischke

Scott Kopischke, long time Sunset performer and volunteer, who will be playing Bill Austin  in our upcoming production of MAMMA MIA!, now in the Sunset Spotlight.

  1. When did you first become involved at Sunset Playhouse and what areas have you been involved with here at the Playhouse?

My  first show was BYE, BYE, BIRDIE in 1974. I played Harvey Johnson. Since then, I have acted in many shows, built sets, hung lights, stage managed and spent four years on the Board of Directors.


  1. If you are working on a Sunset show right now, what is your role?

I play Bill Austin in MAMMA MIA!


  1. If an actor, what has been your favorite role to date and what is your dream role? If a Production Team member, which show have you most enjoyed working on? What show would you like to do in the future?


My favorite role has been Elwood P. Dowd in HARVEY. My dream role would have been Harold Hill in MUSIC MAN, but I may have missed my opportunity.


  1. What do you enjoy most about the Sunset?

The many friends I have made here.


  1. When not at Sunset, how do you spend your time?

Writing plays and traveling with my wife Joanne.


  1. What is your favorite color/food/movie/TV show/book/musical or play?

My favorite book is The Testament by John Grisham.


  1. What is your favorite quote?

 ILLegitimus non carborundum. (Don’t let the bastards get you down)


  1. Any other comments?

I am honored to have had several of my plays produced at Sunset Playhouse, including PAWNS, THE NARROW GATE, two children’s shows, and coming this March, PRODUCE THIS!


Head Shot thanks to Wimmer Photography