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Jacob Cesar – NEWSIES

Sunset could not be more thrilled to point the spotlight on a new volunteer!

Jacob Cesar

How did you first start volunteering at Sunset?
My first ever musical in high school was Beauty and the Beast so when Sunset chose to put it on I
simply had to audition! 5 years later and I’m on my 9th show with still more to come!

Do you have a funny Sunset story?
Sunset has a lot of hidden nooks and cranny’s that I enjoy popping out of and scaring my fellow cast

When you’re not at Sunset, what do you like to do?
Most of my time is spent at my work Anchor printing! But outside of work I’m a diehard Packers fan. I
enjoy sitting on my couch and watching almost any sporting event that’s on just to past the time until
the next show! 

What’s your favorite part about theater?
Easily the people! Whether it be a show like newsies where 80% of the cast hasn’t been in a Sunset
show before, or a show where it’s just 4 of my best friends. Everyone always comes to have a good time and put together something special! 


Headshot thanks to Stories Framed Photography