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Paul Weir – The Game’s Afoot

Paul Weir, who  recently played William Gillette in our Holiday show: THE GAME’S AFOOT: HOLMES FOR THE HOLIDAYS, now in the Volunteer Spotlight.
How did you first start volunteering at Sunset?
I first came to Sunset hoping to restart my interest in acting onstage. I’d done five shows back in my school days, but had spent 35 years working and raising a family. An old school friend kept pushing me to get back into theater, and in 2008 I auditioned here for IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. I was cast in a bit part as a towns person who punches George Bailey in the nose.
Do you have a funny backstage story?
Funny story from rehearsals. This is my second show here with Scott Korman (we did ROOM SERVICE two years ago). Scott has a line in the show, “In a lugubrious sort of way.” Having never heard the word before, night after night in rehearsal he’d forget the line. The rest of us would turn to him, waiting for it, trying to will it out of him. The first night he got it right we all stopped and applauded!


When you’re not at Sunset, what do you like to do?
Away from theater, I enjoy woodworking, gardening & yard work, driving my Corvette with the top down, and any time with my newest grandson!

What’s your favorite part about theater?
My favorite part of theater, aside from the friendships made, concerns the challenges. Showing up to an audition having one chance to put your special stamp to a character. Committing the script to memory if cast.  And bringing that character to life on stage.

Sunset Playhouse would like to thank Paul for all of his hard work and dedication!
Photo thanks to Wimmer Photography