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Renee Harris – Run For Your Wife

How did you first start volunteering at Sunset?

I first became involved in the School for the Arts here at Sunset, which led me to audition for and act in THE BEST CHRISTMAS PAGEANT EVER. After that was over, I wanted to continue being around and seeing shows, so I started volunteering in whatever ways were available to me, which mostly ended up being Front of House volunteering. During Christmas Pageant, one of the Stage Managers had commented that I would make a good Stage Manager and I found the idea interesting, so I began to pursue that as well. Since then, I have also gotten involved with volunteering with the School for the Arts and generally find things to do to keep myself around Sunset.


Do you have a funny backstage story?

When I was Junior Stage-Managing BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, I was backstage during the shows, and there were a few scenes when we had some downtime. I knew those scenes pretty well, and I would act out the scenes that were going on, playing every part at the same time. It was a source of great amusement for the crew and whatever actors were off-stage at the time. 


When you’re not at Sunset, what do you like to do?

Still being in high school, I spend a lot more time doing homework than I would like, but otherwise, I love to read and to write fiction and poetry. 


What’s your favorite part about theater?

My favorite part of theater is the community. Whenever I come to Sunset, and in whatever capacity I come in, I know there will be people there who care about me and with whom I will enjoy myself. I have learned so much from all the people here and have grown so much. There is incredible freedom to grow and be myself in the community here.